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I love the playfulness of the new must have pant silhouette- the cropped kick out. Not to be confused with a boot cut or a bell bottom, the cropped kick out is a Jane Birkin esque, ankle grazing mini flare. I have been wearing my blue denim kick outs all summer with a bare ankle and now I can not take off my black H&M mini flares, sporting them with a ribbed sock and boot. They are incredibly flattering, the mini flare balances out your figure, giving you great proportions! If you want to sport a kick out pant here are are my current faves; I'm loving these Alexa Chung for AG blue cord pants, these black leather H&M pants are an absolute steal at $299 and for a classic blue denim take a look at these dreamy Victoria Beckham two tone jeans. Swooning. Enjoy this great pant silhouette!!! Clare XO


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Finally the temperature in LA has dropped (thanks to impending El Nino!) and I can finally sport a sweater! My preferred sweater silhouette is no doubt the turtleneck. There is something so classically stylish about a turtleneck and not only do I love their neck elongating, double chin hiding, flattering cut, they also give us the ability to do the insanely chic turtleneck hair tuck (see above photo, thanks Phoebe Philo!). Throw on your turtleneck with literally everything you own, be it your grey trouser and white sneaker (a la Phoebe) or dressed up with a cropped jean and a block heel. Go oversized and chunky knit or tight and 1960's inspired. Either way you will look tres turtleneck chic! To sport your very own turtleneck take a look at this JCrew camel sweater and this two tone Acne dream!





The pussybow blouse is having a moment, and I must confess I love saying 'pussybow blouse' almost as much as I love wearing one! If you are not a big lover of necklaces, scarves and such then the pussybow is a great way to get some detail into your top without feeling over adorned. Avoid looking like you are heading to the office and stay away from pencil skirts a la Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary. Instead pair your blouse with something unexpected, be it a full tulle skirt a la Miroslava or masculine tailoring as sported by Caroline Issa (see above photos). My personal favorite way to wear my pussybow Frame Denim blouse is with a pair of cropped denim pants. I always like to throw in a casual element to my style so that I never look like I try too hard! (even though lets be honest, hours of thought are put into my outfits!). To get pussybow's into your closet, take a look at this gorgeous window pane number from Tory Burch (also on sale so HURRY!) and for a real deal take a peek at this ASOS denim shirt. Enjoy! CM XO


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Oh how I love and long for this time of year, with the cooling temps comes a whole load of fashion excitement, especially when it come to shopping for a new fall coat.  Along with the military parka, peacoat and trench a new classic has emerged-the wool camel coat. Incredibly versatile, the menswear inspired wool camel coat is a highly wearable and neutral item that can go over pretty much anything, be it a a white shirt and blue denim, or a shift dress and sneakers. It serves the same purpose as a trench but in a heavier and warmer wool fabric. Its classic, chic and feels expensive. My current favorite is by Rag and Bone and for a more affordable option check out this incredible deal from Zara! CM XO





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I am particularly excited by the resurgence of the bell bottom but it is all too easy to get the look horribly wrong and resemble an extra from Boogie Nights! My rules when going for the flared look is keep the denim a mid blue (see Dakota Fanning in Elizabeth and James Jimi Bell Bottoms), with a high rise and wear them long with a stacked boot or a 70's inspired wedge (inspired being the operative word here ladies!). On the top half of your body you can't go wrong with a white tee but also consider a tucked in and collared silk Equipment blouse. In regards to your outer layer, flares look particularly great with a belted trench.  They are also a great denim silhouette for a curvier girl as they balance out the hips and bust, just please make sure you wear with a heel, flats and flares do not a good match make! Find at x


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Over the years mascara and I have had a rather tumultuous relationship; one day it will go on beautifully smooth and even and the next my lashes will be clumped and resemble spiders legs! I have tried varying brands from the must have classic Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara to the more recently hyped Cover Girl Lash Blast but I still haven't found the winning formula, that is until now. Ladies, I present to Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes. I dare to declare that they have nailed the art of mascara and provide the road to doe eyed beauty. The brush is thin enough for precise application but is able to build the lashes and add volume. The lightweight formula lengthens beyond belief and separates the lashes exquisitely. Forget about Latisse and extravagantly priced lash extensions and run to your nearest beauty store and grab Hypnose Doll Lashes PRONTO!