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I am particularly excited by the resurgence of the bell bottom but it is all too easy to get the look horribly wrong and resemble an extra from Boogie Nights! My rules when going for the flared look is keep the denim a mid blue (see Dakota Fanning in Elizabeth and James Jimi Bell Bottoms), with a high rise and wear them long with a stacked boot or a 70's inspired wedge (inspired being the operative word here ladies!). On the top half of your body you can't go wrong with a white tee but also consider a tucked in and collared silk Equipment blouse. In regards to your outer layer, flares look particularly great with a belted trench.  They are also a great denim silhouette for a curvier girl as they balance out the hips and bust, just please make sure you wear with a heel, flats and flares do not a good match make! Find at x