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Now we have all been wearing our Isabel Marant Dicker boots/skinny jeans combo for a while and frankly this look is feeling a little tired. I love the more current updated take on this wearable everyday look by sporting a cropped mini kick jean with a slimmer and taller ankle boot. It's a little 60's mod and a hint of 70's glam rock and so incredibly wearable. Keep the jeans cropped and tear free and show off your boots a la Alexa with her divine Penelope Chilvers star adorned booties. Swoon. Here is a round up of my current ankle boots; I own these Ecru ZARA boots and I can not take them off! They go with everything!!  If you want to go for a less neutral option check out TOPSHOP'S ankle boot collection, you could even give these gold numbers a go! For a simple cropped jean with a slight ankle kick out take a look at this great pair of classic blue jeans from  MADEWELL or for something more springy you could go for these Rachel Comey white jeans. Divine. Enjoy this trend! CM XO


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We all love the elongating lift that a heel can give us, but if you are anything like me, if a shoe isn't sneaker or a flat, I can only wear a heeled shoe for a couple of hours. That is, unless they are a block heel! They give me height AND stability which really is a must have for running around this city. For a springy sandal check out the Jardin Heel by Marais USA, and I'm obsessed with these Zara blue velvet block heel pumps, they are such a steal. If you want to really splash out consider sporting these TO DIE FOR gold Gucci Marmont loafers, swooning! XO CM





I love the playfulness of the new must have pant silhouette- the cropped kick out. Not to be confused with a boot cut or a bell bottom, the cropped kick out is a Jane Birkin esque, ankle grazing mini flare. I have been wearing my blue denim kick outs all summer with a bare ankle and now I can not take off my black H&M mini flares, sporting them with a ribbed sock and boot. They are incredibly flattering, the mini flare balances out your figure, giving you great proportions! If you want to sport a kick out pant here are are my current faves; I'm loving these Alexa Chung for AG blue cord pants, these black leather H&M pants are an absolute steal at $299 and for a classic blue denim take a look at these dreamy Victoria Beckham two tone jeans. Swooning. Enjoy this great pant silhouette!!! Clare XO


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I recently shocked myself when I began to crave the need for overalls in my life, then I came to the realization that they have been slowly seeping into my fashion subconscious via various channels for quite a while; the Alexa Chung for AG collection (which can be found here) includes the most divine cropped slim fitting dungaree that lends itself to a more dressy occasion and one of my favorite places to shop, Madewell is also having a love affair with all things dungarees (see here). I have to admit the overall can be a little tricky to pull off, the main thing to remember is to avoid pairing them with anything too work wear inspired. Balance the boyishness of the overall with a cleaner and more feminine element. Alexa Chung gets it just right by combining the Americana of the denim overall with her European chic ankle tie espadrille and oversize tortoiseshell sunglasses, j'adore! x


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Is this fur real?!


I am having a fashion crisis! Normally when it comes to my thoughts on particular trends I am pretty black and white; flatforms? LOATHE metallics in the daytime? LOVE etc etc...but when it comes to 'faux' (fun) fur I remain on the fashion fence. When the trend first emerged via the faux fur designer du jour British brand 'Shrimps' I chuckled and openly mocked its intentions. But I must confess as I see these colorful and rather huge fluffy coats being sported in different ways (see Alexa above wearing her Shrimps coat in weekend relaxed mode with a hoodie and jeans) I feel a pang of jealousy towards the wearer and wonder if I am missing out!!! I hate to admit to myself that unless you are a)6ft tall b)a size 0-2 or c)a MAW (model, actress-whatever!) then you should probably stay clear of this trend. BUT you can embrace the faux fur fever by grabbing a furry friendly clutch like this one here and here. Have fun with it whatever you do! It sure is a good trend for that! xo


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As a lover of all things Alexa Chung and a keen watcher of her style I couldn't help but notice that she has jumped on the nail art bandwagon. Palm trees, eyeballs and glitter have all had a starring role on her nails and I love it on her, but its not for me. There is a large element of impracticality for a matcha/neutraholic like me in regards to being stuck with bright green glitter or eyeball art work on my nails! For anyone other than a teenage girl, a pop star or a young fashion industry gal I would avoid nail art like the plague. Or save this trend for the weekend! XO


Screen shot 2012-08-10 at 11.44.59 AM

So all the cool girls have thrown out their army jackets and are now sporting the new must have cover up- the black motorcycle jacket. This archetypal cool kid piece is now being redesigned by all of the super hip brands and Acne, Carven and Burberry all have their own interpretation. The through lines are; the jackets are cropped, have a shrunken fit and are a little boxy. These jackets are perfect for giving your style that androgynous boy meets girl cool factor, throw over floral's, lacy dresses and of course pair with your skinny cropped denim a la Alexa. Make like Audrey Hepburn meets Patti Smith and invest in this trend pronto! x



So ladies did you log on at midnight this week or attend one of the Alexa Chung for Madewell 2011 in store launch parties? I must confess I logged on the minute the clock struck midnight and found myself frantically clicking 'add to shopping cart' on every lusted after item of the collection. When the time came to check out, the total amount sent me into such a state of shock that I slammed my lap top shut and went to sleep empty handed. The next day I nervously ventured to my nearest store, terrified for what may happen to my bank account. I restrained myself and walked away with the flared high waisted jeans, the 'I'm Serious' t-shirt and the round necked polka dot blouse. The palm tree dress and leopard print booties were nowhere to be seen, but I survived and my bank account breathed a sigh of relief! What did you buy?!


Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 5.00.21 PM

Oh Alexa, when will you cease to turn me green with jealousy with your ever increasing closet. Not only are you sporting the must have shoe of the season (the Miu Miu's Glitter boot that I fawned over in a previous post) but you are also wearing the coolest dress in the stores right now, the Rebecca Taylor Ghost dress. It is perfectly girlish with its heart shaped cut out neckline, but what I love is that the sweetness is offset with the dresses' ghost and ghouls print- just in time for Halloween. Who needs a costume when you have this dress! Find the dress here at


alexa stud collar

I first spotted Alexa Chung wearing THAT Carven dress, you know, the black one with the teeny white collar. Then Kate Bosworth popped up on the cover of Lucky magazine wearing the same dress. When I saw Alexa sporting this Phillip Lim blouse, I had no choice but to announce that this is the 'Year Of The Collar'! Even I have taken to buttoning up my blouses up to the top or throwing on a round neck sweater over them just so I can pull out the collar. Alexa's Phillip Lim blouse can be easily replicated, just run to your local arts and crafts store, buy some stud's, locate an off white cotton button down and embellish the collar to your hearts content! xo