So ladies did you log on at midnight this week or attend one of the Alexa Chung for Madewell 2011 in store launch parties? I must confess I logged on the minute the clock struck midnight and found myself frantically clicking 'add to shopping cart' on every lusted after item of the collection. When the time came to check out, the total amount sent me into such a state of shock that I slammed my lap top shut and went to sleep empty handed. The next day I nervously ventured to my nearest store, terrified for what may happen to my bank account. I restrained myself and walked away with the flared high waisted jeans, the 'I'm Serious' t-shirt and the round necked polka dot blouse. The palm tree dress and leopard print booties were nowhere to be seen, but I survived and my bank account breathed a sigh of relief! What did you buy?!