Now we have all been wearing our Isabel Marant Dicker boots/skinny jeans combo for a while and frankly this look is feeling a little tired. I love the more current updated take on this wearable everyday look by sporting a cropped mini kick jean with a slimmer and taller ankle boot. It's a little 60's mod and a hint of 70's glam rock and so incredibly wearable. Keep the jeans cropped and tear free and show off your boots a la Alexa with her divine Penelope Chilvers star adorned booties. Swoon. Here is a round up of my current ankle boots; I own these Ecru ZARA boots and I can not take them off! They go with everything!!  If you want to go for a less neutral option check out TOPSHOP'S ankle boot collection, you could even give these gold numbers a go! For a simple cropped jean with a slight ankle kick out take a look at this great pair of classic blue jeans from  MADEWELL or for something more springy you could go for these Rachel Comey white jeans. Divine. Enjoy this trend! CM XO


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I love the playfulness of the new must have pant silhouette- the cropped kick out. Not to be confused with a boot cut or a bell bottom, the cropped kick out is a Jane Birkin esque, ankle grazing mini flare. I have been wearing my blue denim kick outs all summer with a bare ankle and now I can not take off my black H&M mini flares, sporting them with a ribbed sock and boot. They are incredibly flattering, the mini flare balances out your figure, giving you great proportions! If you want to sport a kick out pant here are are my current faves; I'm loving these Alexa Chung for AG blue cord pants, these black leather H&M pants are an absolute steal at $299 and for a classic blue denim take a look at these dreamy Victoria Beckham two tone jeans. Swooning. Enjoy this great pant silhouette!!! Clare XO


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When I saw this pic of Aussie super Miranda Kerr in NYC I couldn't help but feel compelled to write a post. I want to highlight that real style is so much more obtainable if you KEEP IT SIMPLE. In your everyday life your wardrobe can be pared down to a few essential items that you will wear for years to come, trust me if you do this you will have no problem getting dressed in the morning! I used to give myself such a headache every day when I opened my closet; I would be confronted by dozens of multicolored blouses, leopard and polka dot print dresses and a multitude of striped shirts and I didn't know what to do with it all, and I'M A STYLIST! HA! I am simply too busy and don't have the time or the yearning to wear super on trend pieces, its too much effort! Here Miranda shows how fabulous a white shirt and a pair of jeans can look, she adds a fashion forward touch to the look by adding the incredibly on trend Isabel Marant Dicker boot and a tan felt hat. Put your best foot forward and start to build a simple clean wardrobe full of well made classics and you will thank me for it!