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For years I have been on a never ending quest for long, lightly layered, surfy style locks. I have spent countless hours on my hair experimenting with salt sprays, dry shampoos and curling irons of different shapes and sizes, to achieve a look like makes me look like I just rolled out of bed. Victoria's Secret model hair is my main aim (HA! I can but dream). If some of you are confused as to why I would yearn for VS hair I'll tell you that it's the Ying to my tomboy clothes' Yang. However I more than sat up and took notice when one of my tousled hair VS icons Karlie Kloss chopped off her miraculous honey blonde mane for a messy short bob. It looks fresh, current and youthful and makes the rest of the VS surfy hair gang look a little, dare I say it, passe! I am not quite ready to lop my long hair off just yet, but a generous trim is definitely on the cards :)