Living in Los Angeles, its always the dreaded swimsuit season! I have to admit I'm a one piece kind of girl, and I am quite the anomaly here in the sunshine state. Having recently vacayed in Hawaii (where I gladly sported my blue and white striped onesie!) I admired many uber cool surfer girls in their rash guards, striding confidently along the beach. As I slathered on even more factor 50 onto my burning shoulders, I felt truly envious of the surfer girls in their hip, sun safe and colorful surf wear! So imagine by overwhelming joy when I was doing my daily browsing of the JCrew site when I happened upon an entire collection of rash guards! I was confronted with polka dots, Liberty floral's and stripes galore! Stylish, practical and no more burnt shoulders; could it get any better than that? :)  Get your hands on these pronto: