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Hair Envy: Candela Novembre

Italian fashion maven Candela Novembre's hair truly is something to write home about! Yes its a 'LOB' (long bob) and its perfectly undone wave is spot on. For me there is nothing chicer than a pulled together outfit with artfully messed hair, (I'm not one for a perfect blowout) and I think Candela is stealing Alexa Chung's crown in this department! The center part and the longer length at the front gives a fresh current take on a traditional bob but it still feels effortlessly classic and timeless! Give her a google and she will soon become your latest hair muse! XO, CM




Screen shot 2013-01-27 at 12.03.13 PM

For years I have been on a never ending quest for long, lightly layered, surfy style locks. I have spent countless hours on my hair experimenting with salt sprays, dry shampoos and curling irons of different shapes and sizes, to achieve a look like makes me look like I just rolled out of bed. Victoria's Secret model hair is my main aim (HA! I can but dream). If some of you are confused as to why I would yearn for VS hair I'll tell you that it's the Ying to my tomboy clothes' Yang. However I more than sat up and took notice when one of my tousled hair VS icons Karlie Kloss chopped off her miraculous honey blonde mane for a messy short bob. It looks fresh, current and youthful and makes the rest of the VS surfy hair gang look a little, dare I say it, passe! I am not quite ready to lop my long hair off just yet, but a generous trim is definitely on the cards :)



I hate looking like I have tried to hard when dressing up for the evening, there is nothing worse than feeling over done and too formal; it feels aging and old fashioned. I always admire Alexa Chung and Kate Bosworth's relaxed approach to beauty and swoon over their red carpet moments which tend to include lusted after designer dresses offset with natural, almost scruffy hair. One hairstyle that I am particularly loving right now and sporting regularly is the top knot. Playful, youthful and fun (see above on Aussie super Jess Hart) the top knot will give you that burst of fun to your night time look. It is so easy to achieve, all you need is a hair bobble (dear US readers, that's a hair tie!) and some dry shampoo. Spray hair with said dry shampoo, pull hair up high onto head, twist into a bun and wrap hair bobble around bun. Done. xo