I have been meaning to pay homage to the new editor of Vogue Paris  Emmanuelle Alt for sometime. I must admit I have always been a huge fan of her predecessor Carine Roitfeld and have featured her as a style icon on this very blog. But when I came to the realization that so many of my most favored trends (the over-sized blazer, the Isabel Marant t-shirts that I live in, my black and white tux blazer) originate with the new Editor in Chief (who also happens to style Isabel Marant's runway shows) I had to pay attention. Whilst browsing through her first issue I was transported to a fashion fantasy-land. Every page has a certain laissez faire quality, it feels high end and luxe but accessible and no doubt this is Alt's influence. She is the first to admit that whilst she may be sporting Balmain's newest leather jacket, she remains faithful to her commitment to the $90 Baxter jean from TOPSHOP. Even though my school French is shaky, due to Alt's promotion I am a proud new subscriber of Vogue Paris. Au Revoir! x