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You all know I am a little bit obsessed with Jenna Lyons and all things J.Crew and my spare seconds are spent perusing their website and mailers so it was only a matter of time before I began to covet the famous J.Crew/Jenna 'orange-red lip'. Having been a rather fickle fan of lipstick over the years I took a deep breath, and thanks to the wonders of modern technology set out on my quest to find the perfect shade of orange-red pour moi. I tweeted to my make-up artist friend Amy Strozzi what her suggestions were and she came back with two; Nars Heat Wave and Lady Danger by MAC (loving the names by the way-so fun!). So I gave them both a try and Nars came out tops. Bring a little fun and color pop into your look and give this lipstick a go!


Readers, I am getting more and more brave when it comes to lipstick. Having avoided a colored lip for years I am slowly started to open my mind to it. It can truly transform an outfit; the other night in NYC I threw on a black t-shirt and black leather mini skirt. It felt good but rather dull. I am not much of a jewelry person so I turned to my increasingly trusty and reliable new friend; my lipstick. A quick swipe of my orange/red Covergirl (yes ladies, Covergirl does some fantastic vibrant lipsticks!) and I felt complete. Avoid any orange/reds with shimmer, stick to matte and flat. Try it, you'll love it.



Well known as a notorious clothes horse, Chloe is always someone I look to for inspiration when getting dressed. However it has come to my attention that her experimentation with make up is something to be inspired by. Her attitude towards lipstick is nothing short of daring! She will flit from bubblegum pink to perfect putty to siren scarlet! I am going to follow her lead and throw out the lip balm and slick on some lippy!