Clare Mukherjee


Its that time of year when come morning, I gleefully reach for my sweater collection, and my first go to is one of my cashmere crew neck sweaters from one of my much loved styling clients, Everlane. Once upon a time, good quality cashmere was seen by many people as an extravagant and unaffordable luxury, but now thanks to to Everlane (and I promise that even though I style for them, I say this without bias!!!!) we can all get our hands on the most gorgeous high quality Grade A Mongolian (the best ever basically!) cashmere sweaters. They come in a plethora of classic and flattering cuts, styles and colors, think a black turtleneck, a cropped camel crew neck or an incredibly wearable v-neck sweater dress, (oh and for those wanting to get extra cozy like Alex, who I styled in the above photo, Everlane also has a line of gorgeous cashmere scarves) all for under $200. Trust me when I say they are a dream to style AND wear- I do both :) Could it get any better?! I don't think so! Find the whole collection here, ENJOY! CM XO

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