If you read this blog its safe to say that you know I am a true tomboy when it comes to my personal style. Since that fateful day when I turned seven years old and my mother handed over the responsibility of dressing myself, my closet has predominantly comprised of striped tee's, button downs and crew neck sweaters. So imagine my joy when I discovered the truly inspiring fashion book 'Tomboy Style'  by Lizzie Garret Mettler at the Clare Vivier store in Silver Lake. I devoured the pages filled with both photographic and written tributes to various tomboy style tribes be it 'The Adventurer' tomboy or 'The Girl Next Door'. All of my style favorites made it into the book; Diane Keaton, Lauren Hutton and Ali MacGraw to name but a few. What I truly loved about this book was not only is it an homage of some of the most fabulous style icons throughout history but it is also a celebration of women's spirit and aesthetic identity in society over the years. How much I admire those brazen young women who strutted into Brooks Brothers in the 1940's to buy their blue button down men's oxford shirts. I take my tomboy hat off to them for their rejection of  girdles and high waist skirts and their embracing of the far more practical loafer and pant; all trademarks of tomboy style. Not only did it give these women aesthetic experimentation but enabled them to live freer and with increased practicality. If anyone tells you that fashion trends don't have substance and depth send them this book, this proud tomboy says its a must read.

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