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In LA there is rarely a day that goes by that sunglasses are not required and for the last four or so years I have worn nothing but Ray Bans. I own the classic gold rimmed aviator, a vintage tortoiseshell Wayfarer (thanks Mum) and a black modern mid size Wayfarer. But I must confess, as much as I love these old faithfuls I am getting a little tired of them. Only the other day I was chatting to a fashion photographer friend of mine who has irritatingly exquisite taste, and he brazenly declared 'Ray Bans are over, we need to find something new'. And he was right. After years of wearing unisex Ray Bans I am craving a more feminine silhouette, and one in particular is the cat eye (see above on New York fashion maven Olivia Palermo). Prada kick started the rejuvenation of the cat eye trend and I for one am embracing them wholeheartedly. There is something very flattering about the upturned angle of the cat eye shape, its uplifting, rather like an immediate mini facelift via sunglasses wearing! Who wouldn't want that!? Find at